[27/08/2006] Linux Mint 1.0 "Ada"

Ada screenshot
Release Notes

This release is based on Kubuntu 6.06 and uses a home-made installer*. 

The desktop is KDE 3.5.4 and the kernel is 2.6.15.


Ada comes with the Flash 7 plugin. Support for MP3, Windows and various codecs, encrypted DVDs is installed by default.


Ada comes with Koffice 1.5.2 instead of OpenOffice. The default Web browser is Firefox


The default artwork was changed a lot.
  • "Pure Technology" Color Scheme
  • "nuvoX" Icon Set
  • "Polyester" KDE Style
  • "Borealis" Sound Theme
  • "LoveKDE" KDM Theme
  • "Gears" KDE Splash Screen
  • "Crystal/Vista" Window Decorations
  • "Polar" Cursor/X11 Mouse Theme
  • A wallpaper from Brad Mering showing the Peruvian Alpamayo
  • A customized version of the Kubuntu Boot Splash.

The installer works fine but:
- it is not convivial;
- it installs Grub in (hd0) and doesn't detect other operating systems. If you plan to install "Ada" on hda1 things should be fine, otherwise make sure you know how to fix a broken boot sequence :)
- it is minimal in terms of features (a lot of things are set to default: language, keyboard layout, user configuration..etc).