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[20/12/2006] Linux Mint 2.1 "Bea"

Bea screenshot
Release Notes

Happy Christmas! Linux Mint 2.1 codename "Bea" is out and available for download :)

Many thanks to all the people who contributed to the project and to the users who posted their feedback and suggestions on the forums. Bea is a huge step forward and comes with a lot of changes compared to the last release.

New Software

Two new applications made their way into Linux Mint:
  • OpenOffice 2.1-Impress (Calc and Writer also got upgraded to version 2.1)
  • Xchat-gnome

Better desktop

This is probably the biggest improvement in Bea: A brand new desktop. Linux Mint 2.1 comes with mintDesktop, which adds a lot of desktop improvements:
  • Quick access to the computer and home places
  • Quick access to the terminal from the context menu
  • Ability to delete files directly without sending them to the Trash
  • mintDesktop home folders
  • Beagle search
  • Tomboy notes
  • Network manager
Better Wifi support

Bea comes with mintWifi, which purpose is to allow you to configure your wireless card without an Internet connection. mintWifi comes with the following:
  • Ndiswrapper and Ndisgtk
  • Cabextractor and unshield
  • Tutorials to install and configure your Wifi card
  • A collection of Wifi drivers to support about 40 different wireless card models
Better branding
  • Bea comes with new artwork: new LiveCD splash, new usplash and GDM screens.
  • Help is now "one click away". As our community is growing it seemed important that users could find help and support in the easiest possible way. To achieve this Xchat-Gnome was modified to automatically connect to the Linux Mint IRC channel, and Firefox now features Linux Mint bookmarks pointing at the website and forums.
Better Web browsing

Web browsing was good in Barbara, but as some of you pointed out, it wasn't good enough:
  • Realplayer 10 was replaced with the Mplayer plugins so you can now enjoy Quicktime, AVI, MPG and a lot of other web content.
  • The Flash plugin was upgraded to version 9 Beta 2.
  • Support for ipv6 was disabled to make your Internet connection and Web browsing faster
  • Firefox 2.0 was tweaked so that it does go back to the previous page when you press the backspace key
And a few surprises...
  • For those of you who have nvidia cards there's a little surprise in Bea called envy
  • For those of you who like to mount stuff, PyMou was added to the command line
  • For those of you who love using Amarok we added support for MusicBrainz tagging
  • For those of you who need to extract RAR archives we included unrar
  • For those of you who really like Flash, we included the Flash player
  • And for those of you who like playing with the terminal, we put a little surprise in there too :)