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[20/04/2007] "Bianca KDE Edition"

Bianca screenshot
Release Notes

Bianca KDE Edition is out and available for download!

Many thanks to all the testers who participated in this release and gave us precious feedback. In particular we would like to thank Marius Nestor from Softpedia for his contributions to the look and feel and for helping us tweak domino to make this release one of the best looking KDE desktops available at the moment.

As usual this release is desktop-ready and comes with support for most video codecs and web plugins. Mint applications couldn't be ported in time to KDE and are absent from this release, however mintdesktop's home folders were added to it.

The default selection of packages is large and very up to date:
  • KDE 3.5.6
  • Amarok 1.4.5
  • Koffice 1.6.2
  • Firefox
The default mail application is Kontact, the default web browser is Firefox and the default office suite is Koffice. Konqueror is still the default file explorer but Dolphin 0.8 was also added as a tech-preview. The KMenu was replaced with TastyMenu 0.7.  This KDE Edition uses the Bianca-Green theme and the Domino KDE Style with modifications from Marius Nestor.

Here are some of the software installed by default:
  • Krusader
  • KFTPGrabber
  • Scribus
  • Inkscape
  • KMyMoney
  • K3B
  • K9Copy
  • KPowerSave and KNetworkManager
  • The Gimp
  • DigiKam
  • Hugin
  • Filelight
  • Guarddog
  • KPackage
For users who do not have a DVD burner we're also releasing a "miniKDE" Edition which fits on a CD. The following items are not present in the miniKDE Edition and we strongly encourage miniKDE Edition users to install them after they downloaded and installed from the CD:
  • Support for other languages (only English is supported by the liveCD, other languages can be added once the system is installed)
  • Inkscape
  • Hugin
  • Scribus
  • KMymoney
  • K9Copy
  • The Gimp
  • libicu34
  • kde-icons-mono
  • ttf-arabeyes
  • diveintopython
Of course there was Ada, but this is our first stable release of a KDE desktop. We hope you like it. Mint applications will progressively be ported to KDE, then hit the Romeo repository and be backported to Bianca so you'll enjoy the innovations that made the Main Edition what it is today.