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[30/05/2007] "Cassandra"

Release Notes

This is Linux Mint 3.0, codename Cassandra, based on Bianca and compatible with Ubuntu Feisty and its repositories.

Important new features in Cassandra:
  • The brand new "mintInstall" and the "Linux Mint Software Portal": http://www.linuxmint-forum.de/software
  • Gnome 2.18 (speed improvements)
  • Kernel 2.6.20 (better hardware support)
  • Ubuntu Feisty innovations (restricted-manager, desktop-effects, windows migration assistant, avahi)
  • OpenOffice 2.2 (complete suite)
  • Thunderbird replaces Evolution as the default email reader
  • Pidgin replaces Gaim as the default messenger
  • Sunbird is now installed by default
  • The Gimp is installed by default
  • Gnome-control-center replaces mintConfig as the default control center application
  • Both mintDisk (for internal drives) and NTFS-Config (for external drives) are present for NTFS support
  • Support for Gnome Templates in mintDesktop
  • mintInstall replaces gnome-app-install and the upcoming Click'n Run. 
  • Drag & Drop support in mintMenu with many other improvements
  • Sun Java 6 replaces Sun Java 5
  • Compiz, Beryl and Emerald installed by default
  • New artwork
What makes Cassandra ideal for the desktop
  • Out of the box multimedia support 
  • Microsoft Windows Integration (Dual-boot, NTFS read/write support, Migration Assistant)
  • One-Click install system (Linux Mint Software Portal, mintInstall)
  • Desktop features, Control Center, mintMenu
  • 3D Effects (Compiz and Beryl on top of AIGLX)
  • Great configuration tools
  • Great selection of default applications (OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, Gimp, Pidgin, XChat, Amarok..etc)
  • Solid package base (Google Earth, Picasa, Skype.. a lot of important software present in the repositories or in the Linux Mint Software Portal, compatibility with all Ubuntu Feisty repositories and most Debian packages)
  • Solid code base (Debian distribution built on top of Ubuntu Edgy. Inherits all innovations put into Bianca and default configurations from Bea)